How & Why Online Grocery Stores Are Becoming Popular in 2021

It’s not difficult to put two and two together to understand that online grocery stores are gradually replacing physical stores because of the pandemic. Online stores are a safe approach to keep people inside without going out of their homes. Why bother going out in these dangerous circumstances when you can shop for groceries from organic grocery stores online and get them home delivered?

Not only online grocery stores but grocery apps are thriving because of COVID-19. The demand for fresh vegetables, fruits, snacks, papers, etc., is only increasing, and there’s no stopping anytime soon. Therefore let’s discuss and try to understand the online grocery shops.

The Growing Popularity of Online Grocery Sites & Apps

In early April 2020, when asked on a poll, it recorded that 40% out of 1500 adults were shopping for groceries online. Soon, people across the globe started keeping up with this trend and grocery shopping online gradually got the pace. Similarly, Mexico followed suit. Take Jüsto as an example.

Jüsto, a Mexico City-based delivery app, has received more than $92 million in funding since its launch in 2019. According to the company’s report, the company has raised a prominent series A round in Latin America in the last decade, in February 2020.

What Jüsto is doing differently is cutting down the prices like store costs, warehouse fees, etc., by offering an online store. And because of the cost to maintain a warehouse and rent physical stores and fulfill other utilities, buying groceries from these stores can cost twice the actual price. The online app doesn't need many physical stores. Thus consumers can buy groceries at a reasonably low price which is a plus. Jüsto only needed to maximize warehouse efficiency and have enough places to optimize rapid deliveries.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Shop From Online Grocery Store

Less Time-Consuming

Online stores aren’t a new concept. Even before the pandemic, people purchased goods and products via the online store. This is because of today’s busy lifestyles. You can’t always rush to your closest grocery store when you run out of things because you are busy. Grocery shopping is a brand new concept that people are inclined to these days. You can now shop for groceries anywhere, anytime, and any place. You now don’t have to waste your time walking down each section to find what you are looking for. Just hit the search button on the site or app, and you will have the product in no time! You can put your selected things into the Wishlist or Cart if you are planning to buy them in the future. It’s a practical approach and much much better than standing hours in queues.

Attractive Deals & Discounts­

Do you know you get more deals and discounts in online stores than in physical ones? That’s right! To attract more customers, online stores present the best value, offers, rewards, etc. Some stores even have VIP memberships if a shopper shops from the store frequently. Besides those, you also get seasonal sales like Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. Then there are also loyalty points on purchases, vouchers, coupons that can be used for later purchases. There are so many appealing offers that you can’t stop yourself from ordering.

Convenient Delivery Options

The majority of the grocery stores offer same-day delivery, meaning that you don’t have to wait for days to receive your products. Some stores even make sure you get the delivery within an hour of your order placement. Another highly beneficial aspect of such stores is you have the option to choose a delivery time from the time slots. So, the argument that “buying from physical stores doesn’t make you wait for day’s” is already nullified. Should I tell you another advantage? The stores work 7 days, so you don’t have to worry about working hours as such.

Easy Return Policy­

Easy Return Policy - closest grocery store - Las Posadas Mex

Quick delivery? Check! Various deals and offers? Check! What else do we need now? Return policy! Yes, you heard it right! Admittedly, the downside of online shopping is that shoppers don’t have the privilege to check the products beforehand. But that won’t be an issue anymore because with easy returns, you can return the products if you feel anything’s wrong. Major online shops have this ‘no questions asked’ return policy, where they won’t ask you anything if you want to return the goods. You simply contact customer care, give your order number, and that’s it. You will get the refund in no time.

Quick Price Comparisons

While you can walk from one shop to another to find the best price for a product, it can get exhausting. So, the best way to make price comparisons is by browsing through online shops to get the best deal. Comparing prices online can take a few minutes - that way, you save your time, your money, and it doesn’t tire you up. 

Summing It Up

The future for online grocery stores is very bright as we can already anticipate judging the reports and calculations. So, now it’s a very good time to start shopping online and dodge the queue. Speaking of online stores, do you like authentic Mexican candies? If so, come visit our website. Las Posadas Mex is the largest online grocery shop for authentic Mexican delicacies. We ship our products to the entire USA and Canada.

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