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Best Mexican Candy Best Mexican Lollipop Best spicy Candy

Mexican candies often combine sweet flavors with salt and spices. So it’s common to find sweet mango or watermelon lollipops coated with a mix of salt and chili pepper. As soon as you taste them, you feel a breathtaking explosion of flavor in your mouth. Although some Mexican sweets include well-known ingredients such as milk, chocolate and marshmallow, the majority of Mexican candies are concoctions of exotic fruits and spices. Many great Mexican sweets come in the form of lollipops. Here are the 7 best Mexican lollipops recommend you check out:


Tamarind is probably the most “Mexican” ingredient found in Mexican candies. Let’s put aside the fact that this popular fruit originates from Asia; it’s hard to imagine Mexican sweets without tamarind being one of the main ingredients. If you’re willing to discover the universe of Mexican candies, then the Palerindas are a great starting point. Palerindas are hard candy coated with hot chili powder. After you lick through the spicy and salty exterior coat, you suddenly get blasted by spicy sweetness with tamarind flavor.

Alteno Super Pina Loca

If you love Pineapples and spicy foods, why not trying to combine them? The blend of sweet pineapple with chili makes the Super Piña Loca one of the best Mexican lollipops ever. Not as hot as most of the other Mexican candies, the Super Pina Loca have just enough chili to keep you coming back for more.

Vero Mango


Forget about the standard suckers that just taste like sugar; The Vero Mango is praised as one of the best Mexican lollipops. These Mexican suckers are tangy, full of mango flavor, coated with just enough chili powder to keep you entertained. They feel hot, but not over-spiced. After you lick through the salt and spice, the sweetness of the mango is a welcome relief. After you finish the mango, you realize that you’re ready to start eating the next one. In fact, many people have been complaining that the Vero Mango’s perfect blend between spiciness, saltiness and sweetness make these lollipops literally addictive.

Manita Lollipop

You won’t need the services of a visionary once you try these sweets. Manita are fortune telling lollipops that have cute and positive predictions written on them. Will you be able to go on a date with your crush? Your next Manita lollipop will reveal that to you. While having a not-so-exotic flavor, these strawberry and cherry flavored sweets are loved by many. If you are a fan of acidulated hard candy lollipops, then you should definitively give them a try.

La Vaquita Lollipops

Mexican sweets are not only about chili and tamarind. For instance, La Vaquita are sweet candy lollipops that can be directly sucked on or dunked in some warm milk. Although the package says “caramel lollipops”, the La Vaquita are very hard, and never get to that soft caramel stage. Nevertheless, they are extremely addictive. Once you try one, be ready to buy a whole package.

Paleta Payaso

Candies are meant to bring joy. In the case with Paleta Payaso, the whole candy shape reflects happiness. These tasty marshmallow lollipops are coated in delicious chocolate with a gummy happy face. No wonder why they’re so popular.


Often praised as the “kings of Mexican candies”, Rebanaditas are definitely a bit rough on the untrained tongue. If you’ve got a hard time eating Taco Bell spicy dishes, then you most likely won’t be a fan of Rebanaditas either. Now, if you’re up for a (literally) breathtaking experience, then welcome to the club. Rebanaditas consist of a delicious sweet watermelon core, coated with chili and salt. Some people prefer to take off one side of the chili at a time so they can enjoy the combination of watermelon and chili flavors. This way they can also reduce the amount of spiciness. If you haven’t been eating Rebanitas since you were a child, then you might want to try the version without the “fiery” chili coating first.

Mexican candies bring you a whole universe of new flavors, textures and shapes to discover. If you’re not used to spicy food, then you might want to go for the mildest candies first. Mexican lollipops are often made from a wide variety of fruits, including cherry, apricot, pineapple, mango and strawberry. While most of them are spicy, you can always find an alternative without chili.

Which one will you try first?

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